Kongresshaus Zürich

Kongresshaus Zürich is a local institution of national and international renown, which boasts a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Zurich and offers an incomparable array of events and services. We offer diversity by design: conventions, trade fairs, and exhibitions as well as all kinds of business, social, and cultural events, including world-class highlights.

The history of the building and its architecture are closely linked to the 1939 National Exhibition in Switzerland. This major historical event was aimed at showcasing Switzerland’s diversity, and the Kongresshaus was also to be the focal point for a whole array of events. A foundation, the Kongresshaus-Stiftung, was set up in 1937 to secure funding, and the building opened its doors for the first time on May 5, 1939.

Kongresshaus Zürich, designed by Max Ernst Haefeli, Werner Moser, and Rudolf Steiger, forms a single building with the world-famous Tonhalle, and architecturally it is a prime example of its period. The structural and operational symbiosis with the Tonhalle opens up additional possibilities for event organizers. Kongresshaus Zürich remains to this day one of the most versatile congress centers in Switzerland, able to accommodate practically any event. For national and international event and congress organizers, concert promoters, companies, associations, and private event organizers, Kongresshaus Zürich is synonymous with reliability and quality, and the no. 1 location in Zurich.

Kongresshaus Zürich AG

This joint-stock company (Aktiengesellschaft) has a share capital of CHF 5 million and a total of 1,185 shareholders (as of December 2016). The current members of the Board of Directors are:

Jean-Marc Hensch, Chairman
Beat Sigg, Vice-Chairman
Dr. David Bosshart
Thomas Metzger
Norbert Müller

Secretary to the Board of Directors: Corinne Ruch

The shares of Kongresshaus Zürich AG are not listed and can only be traded over-the-counter. If you feel a particular bond with Kongresshaus Zürich and want to own part of it, please contact your bank to place the appropriate order.

Tax value of the stock per 31.12.2016: CHF 1'450.-

Next general assembly: Monday, 9th April 2018, 10.00 am