29. September – 24. Dezember 2022

"Edges of the

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"Edges of the Metaverse" – Yesterday, the gallery opened with the exhibition "Edges of the Metaverse" by award-winning photographer Aaron Huey.

The gallery was conceived by elementum.art, a brand specializing in digital art and NFTs. Located in the Circle at Zurich Airport, the elementum.art NFT Gallery aims to provide interested visitors with a place to explore and learn more about digital crypto art. In addition to the exhibited NFT artworks by various artists, there will also be VR art and interactive art installations where you can create your own NFTs. In addition, various events will take place.

The exhibition will feature photos and videos from various virtual worlds created as part of a commission from National Geographic magazine. Aaron Huey's images will be on display in the gallery through Oct. 26.

What are NFTs, anyway?

NFTs come from the crypto world. The acronym stands for "non-fungible token." A token is the digital form of an asset. In this case, non-exchangeable means that it is a unique, digital asset that cannot be exchanged one-for-one for another. Thus, NFTs are not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Etherium. Bitcoins can be exchanged at will because they always have the same value. Non-fungible tokens can best be compared to art objects such as paintings. These have an individual value. When you exchange them, you usually don't get the same value. Theoretically, any asset can be digitized and thus become an NFT: Drawings, digital artworks or video clips. The important thing is that the NFTs contain information that proves their uniqueness. This means that the respective owner can always be traced back and can assert his or her claim. This information is contained in a blockchain, a type of database on which cryptocurrencies are also based.

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