27. Oktober 2022 – 15. Januar 2023


Website https://www.hauskonstruktiv.ch/deCH/ausstellungen/aktuell/elisabeth-wild.htm
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Elisabeth Wild – Here, a concrete structure with graphic color fields in blue and violet tones embedded in it, which together create an interesting interplay of two-dimensionality and depth effect; there, an image of a sunset rotated by 90 degrees, which combines with semicircles primarily in dark red, dark green, and black and a dimly lit dome shape to create a dreamy, futuristic scene. These and many other charming compositions are presented on the fourth floor of Museum Haus Konstruktiv. Here, the wealth of variations that Elisabeth Wild has achieved in her works on paper unfolds in the most impressive way.

Wild turned to the medium of collage in the last two decades of her long and eventful life. Amidst the lush vegetation of her adopted home of Panajachel in Guatemala, Wild created a collage almost daily at her desk in the studio she had set up for herself. She took the material for it from fashion, art, and architecture magazines, and the format depended on the motif the artist had chosen as the background image and support for each collage. With scissors, glue, and a magnifying glass, as well as a keen sense of color, form, and composition, Wild created enigmatic pictorial worlds over a period of almost twenty years, which she herself called Fantasías, but which individually bear no titles. Often symmetrically placed in the picture, Wild intertwined the fine paper scraps into dense micro-worlds oscillating between reality and illusion, in which surreal elements appear just as much as geometric shapes, architectural set pieces, and excerpts from brand emblems or other charming found objects; an intuitive and playful remix of or foray through stylistic devices of the art and cultural history of the 20th century.

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