08. – 18. September 2022


Website https://www.foodzurich.com/de/
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FOOD ZURICH 2022 – Once a year, during 11 days, the festival with over 100 events around the theme of culinary takes place in and around Zurich. The seventh edition will take place from September 8 - 18, 2022.

This makes FOOD ZURICH one of the three largest food festivals in Europe. Makes sense, too: with 2900 restaurants, the city of Zurich has one of the highest densities in the world and combines within walking distance everything that the epicurean heart desires. Moreover, with the ETH, the ZHAW and its international openness, the city on the Limmat offers all new thinkers and start-ups a nourishing ground for innovation and research.

FOOD ZURICH is local: Zurich's 50 most creative restaurants and up-and-coming talents cook their own created city dish during the festival. FOOD ZURICH is sustainable: We discuss future food, sustainability and the most innovative start-ups. But FOOD ZURICH is also a crowd pleaser: you can eat the best of Slow Food, Fine Food and Street Food. The food festival offers all the food-loving producers, chefs and culinary tinkerers a stage for 11 days - and visitors from all over the world an incomparable enjoyment experience.

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