16. Januar – 28. April 2024


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Italianità – A southern attitude to life is part of everyday life in Switzerland today. This Italianità has mainly to do with immigration from Italy. But there is also a "native Italianità" in Ticino and Graubünden. The Italian lifestyle has been adopted over time by many Swiss and can be felt throughout the country today. In Basel just as in Vevey or Sion. On Zurich's streets as well as in Biel's old town. It is part of the intangible cultural heritage. But the path to today's "Mediterranean Switzerland" was not always easy and has written many beautiful, but also numerous sad life stories. Ten contemporary witnesses tell of this in the new exhibition "Experiences Switzerland - Italianità".

Many developments in the recent past have left their mark on Switzerland. Immigration or the introduction of the Internet are examples of profound social changes that continue to influence coexistence today. Not all of these developments can be represented in their complexity with objects. The new exhibition format "Experiences Switzerland" therefore focuses on contemporary witnesses. Their fates and experiences provide the museum public with a multifaceted look back at Swiss contemporary history. The theme changes annually.

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