17. Dezember 2022

Saturday Guided City
Walks in Zurich

Website https://www.zuerich.com/de/besuchen/touren-ausfluege/samstagsfuehrungen
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Saturday Guided City Walks in Zurich – Who are Zurich’s powerful women? Why is the Dada art movement important for Zurich, and how did Zurich become a financial center?

Guided city tours on specific themes take place Saturdays, twice a month. On one, Zurich’s powerful women are the main focus, while on another, everything revolves around the Dada art movement or the history of money in the financial center.

Well-trained tour guides relate all kinds of fascinating information and interesting anecdotes, and present Zurich from a completely new perspective. However, a basic knowledge of Zurich is a prerequisite for these special tours, so it is worth taking part in the Zurich Old Town Walking Tour in preparation for this guided walk.

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