18. Juni 2023

StradivariFEST: Sound
wave - Schumann 6

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StradivariFEST: Sound wave - Schumann 6 – With a total of fifteen concerts and diverse programs, the Stradivarius musicians offer an extremely wide-ranging insight into Robert Schumann's chamber music. In addition to the string quartets, works ranging from piano trio to piano quintet will be performed. One program is dedicated to miniatures, fantasies and fairy tales. Of course, especially with Schumann, singing will not be neglected. One concert will also be offered this year with an expanded orchestra line-up. Thus, the diversity in the program sets a counterpoint to the constant of the composer focus.

The "sound waves" will be heard in three regions of Switzerland: Lake Zurich, the Rhine and Eastern Switzerland. A special highlight this year will be the Sternensäle series, in which the musicians will perform one of the six programs in each of Switzerland's most important chamber music halls.

Schumann 6:
String Quartet op. 41, No. 2
Piano quintet op. 44

Benjamin Engeli, piano

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