16. Oktober 2020


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Unchained Art – The 4 artists come from Zug & Gollion, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark; a truly international art exhibition that breaks through boundaries, frees the imagination and knows no chains. From New York now to Zurich, the artists will showcase their talent with unique artworks: paintings & sculptures. Their signature styles cover many techniques and materials: from oil to acrylic to bronze to clay; with structure, colour compositions, scenarios, and layers. Each one with distinct features and messages but one vision: their creativity and expression know no boundaries depicting life as they observe it, struggles, emotions, and our world through their lens.
Opening Vernissage starts on October 16th at 16:00 2020. Join us at this special pop-up art event for discussions with the artists, a drink in a creative environment and possibly add a unique piece of artwork to your art collection or home.

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